Poignant, potent, and so persuasive
though what you argue cannot be put into words
without transformation-
Appearing sometimes at key moments
you answer every question asked
without reservation.
Humility embodied,
transcendence captured,
essential contradiction
sustaining existence,
Reveal, release, revive, redeem!
Give us the courage required for knowledge.

Regal, radical, most rational
though your logic is too easy for most
without decoration-
Eliminating mysteries of fear
you let us speak directly to ourselves
without intervention.
Speechless honesty,
Immortal moment,
Distant presence
too close for measure,
Inquire, inspire, infuse, inform!
Release us from the captivity of self.

Formless, fearless, so fleeting
though for all your flight never elsewhere
without abiding –
Dismissing arbitrary bounds
you unveil the sacred space
without deception.
Gracious brilliance,
Caring watcher, Final beginning
never confined by existence.
Reflect, resound, return, reprieve!