Phantom colors on phantom black
A canvas of skin set alight –
Staring into self, or nothing
Mesmerized by sparkling flame.
Soft sadness sets as time comes back,
though I was shown the depths of fright.
Bright lucid bells of knowing ring
to reassure that all’s the same.


Fritter and waste the hours away
while wondering at the whims of time
but sometimes finding stark repose
among the prismed glowing shards.
A lingering sense forever may
reveal the universal rhyme
casts laughter on the little woes
and draws me to the mighty bards.


Infinite memory returns
Reducing ego to an aught
Hinted music serves reminder
that a rhythm lies beneath.
Playfully life’s candle burns
Sustained though only by a thought
Waiting for a ready finder
secrets aweful to bequeath.