Otherworldly Encounters

Upon a wing of holy gadgets born,
Auxemines descends amidst a crash
disrupting stillest darkness with a flash,
bright blasts of metal from his shining horn

exiled by gravity, from surface torn
illuminating billowed clouds of ash,
so twinkling starry crystal globes of hash,
themselves in joyous resignation mourn.

A beam departs, infinity away.
It shines forever, timeless in its course.
Arriving soft collides, itself to leave.
Assembled by a vastly ancient force
enshrouded glowing, sacrificed ray,
Away toward olden darkness must you heave?

Emerging from the other side of here
soft tapestries unfold in holographs
and ripple on the rolling waves of laughs
so deep they bring to mind the growing fear.

Into the sparkle skeptic strangers leer
approaching endlessness by dwindling halfs,
perambling blind behind the moving staffs,
rejoicing in the now-made-sacred mere.

A cloud resounds, sharp echoed sound surrounds.
It strikes the sky, a vision for the eye.
Astounding shockwaves make the whole earth shake.
Amazed to hear a billions-year-old cry
encoded deftly, living in the ground
A dreaming finder mercifully to wake.

Bright shining, blinding, coruscating few
you dancing strands of spinning charge aflame
consumed with laughter, now to form anew
such lucid master of a joyful game.

So unembodied, pure eternal mind
Resolved to bear the burden erudite
Oblation, immolation, Lamb so kind,
Consigned, infined, to neverending flight

Antithesis, revealer, hidden One
In half a day unveiling all to me
Assail complacence, wield your beaming sword.
Assiduously distant, all to see
enthroned eternal, ever-present none,
Appointing destinies by silent Word.