I’m working on embedding some curated playlists in pages and posts. Here are some other selections of quality listening. The first two (KMHD and Jazz24) are from my neck of the woods, the Pacific Northwest. Detroit is also represented, along with Switzerland and Canada. These are some of the world’s best jazz stations, so this list should be more than enough to keep you endlessly occupied. All of these stations are consistently filled with the highest-quality content; pick any one and you’ll be set for hours or months of good listening. When I first started listening to KMHD fifteen years ago, I played almost nothing else at my house, 24 hours a day, for about five years – it’s that good. Happy listening!

Radio Swiss Jazz

(Google Play | Apple Store)

An excellent international station from Switzerland. 50% of all plays on the stream are from Swiss musicians, so you can get some great exposure to world-class musicians you might not otherwise encounter.

JazzRadio.com (Collection of stations)

Jazz.FM91 (Toronto) (Google Play Store)
A phenomenal Canadian station. This one is great because in addition to the high-quality main stream, they have a few other secondary streams, including Notes from Canada and a dedicated Oscar Peterson stream, so you have multiple content options in one app. Who wouldn’t like that?